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Plans For Residential, Commercial,
And Industrial Properties
In The Los Angeles Area and surrounding Cities

Our company based in the City of Los Angeles is specialized in providing plans to obtain construction permits to the following:

  • Commercial Properties
  • Residential Properties
  • Real Estate Developers
  • Building Contractors
  • General Contractors
  • Builders Services

Residential Properties in Los Angeles, LA County, Downtown LA

You can book Plans & Permits Express:

  • When you have a piece of land and you want to create apartment buildings
  • When you are planning buildings with multiple stories
  • And much more

We can create a concept for you assessing the potential of your piece of land. We are specialized in creating concepts for how many units you can build, depending on where your real estate or lot is located. Usually, we are servicing the Los Angeles area, but Plans & Permits Express also takes on clients in other counties, if requested.

Commercial Properties in Los Angeles, LA County, Downtown LA

We work on buildings such as warehouses, industrial buildings, manufacturing buildings, medical facilities, storage facilities, interior additions, commercial buildings, and shopping centers. Besides new buildings we also offer interior remodeling, exterior remodeling, and facade remodeling.

Industrial Properties in Los Angeles, LA County, Downtown LA

Working on plans for industrial properties such as mechanical plants, electrical plants for added equipment and machinery, and loading decks is also something we do on a regular basis. If you need help with a particular design, i.e. such as a design for steel beams for mobile cranes and foundation, equipment for dust collection, we will be happy to be at your service.

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