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plans and permits - fast turnaround time!

Plans and Permits Express is a Los Angeles California based company specialized in preparing approved plans for Residential, Commercial and Industrial properties.

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Building Plans And Permits, Commercial Remodeling - And Much More

Do you need a fast and convenient service for building permits? Plans & Permits Express in Los Angeles is there for you! We will measure your facilities and take over the communication with city inspectors in order to get you the right building permit for your project! All finished within the given time frame.

We take care of:

  • Commercial Upgrades & Remodeling
  • Planning Shopping Centers and Improvements
  • Compliance
  • Fire Damage
  • Civil Engineering & Land Development
  • Topping-up your Resources with Our Team Of Engineers

Servicing Los Angeles, LA County, Downtown LA And Other Areas What we can do for you – in a nutshell:

  • Then we take it to the city for approval of their guidelines.
  • Finally, we generate the contraction plans, including structural plans, and construction details – since every city has different departments that need to approve your building plans, such as fire department, air quality district, public works, sanitation department, and health department.
  • We comply with all of the clearances and building permits. - Recommended Click here to review us - Let us know how we're doing!