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Managing Fire Damaged Buildings –Plans & Permits Express in Lynwood

Managing fire damaged buildings is also a part of our services for our clients in Los Angeles, Downtown LA, LA County, and of course in the surrounding areas. Fire accidents happen fast and they are always unexpected.

To protect your property from further damage, our company is highly organized and will act as fast as you want us.

We take care of warehouses, commercial buildings, restaurants, storage buildings, and other buildings that were affected by fire damage. It doesn't matter if the fire was caused by unpleasant weather conditions, due to human failure, by accident or even as an act of vandalism. To prevent your business from losing more money, we can provide a structural assessment of the damage on your buildings and generate reconstructive plans for the affected area in a quick turnaround time.

Taking Fast Care Of Fire Damaged Warehouses, Commercial Buildings, Restaurants, etc.

Whether it's a shear wall, a roof diaphragm, a roof framing or a floor framing, etc. – no matter, what you need to be done, we will provide you the needed support after fire damage.

Operating in the service area of Los Angeles, Downtown LA, LA County, and beyond, we also will take over the communication with your insurance companies as well as with the city inspectors, in order to minimize the interruption of your business.

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